Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

$100 For Every 100 Fans Until Christmas!

Who wants to win a $100 gift card?! Well, here are all the details...
  1. For every 100 new fans we receive on Facebook from now until Christmas, McAuley's will be giving out a $100 gift card.
  2. To enter, just click the "suggest to friends" link under our default picture on our page, select the friends you want to invite, then post on our wall letting us know how many suggestions you sent.
  3. For any number of invitations under 100, you will receive one entry, but for every 100 sent, you will get TEN entries! We're keeping track, so if you send 50 one day and 50 a few days later, you'll still get your 10 entries.
  4. Even if you don't win the first drawing, you will remain in the running with the same number of entries until the contest ends.
  5. Earn an extra TEN entries by posting the following as your status: "McAuley's Unique Boutique is giving away a $100 gift card for every 100 new fans they receive until Christmas & all you have to do to enter is suggest their page to your friends, then post the number of suggestions sent on their wall!" Just make sure to tag McAuley's in your status because that's how we'll know you did it (to tag, just type @ before McAuley's Unique Boutique and Facebook should automatically create a link to the page in your status).
  6. Good luck ladies!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Vote for Chelsey!



One of our own models, Chelsey Crookes, is a semi-finalist for Arden B.'s 2010 Model Search. To help her move forward in this competition, please vote for her daily until November 14th. (Only one more week left to vote!!) At McAuley's, we would all agree that Chelsey deserves this opportunity because she is an ambitious, talented young lady and is a pleasure to work with! Get to know her a little better by watching her video, here. Thanks, I know she would greatly appreciate your help!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tailgating Tent

We only have one more Clemson home football game-that means only one more chance to come see our tailgate at Friar's Tavern & get a free koozie! This past week, we had lots of warm clothes & accessories. If you aren't dressed for the cold weather we have jackets, leggings, & scarves to layer on for warmth.


me & brooke working the tailgate in the cold weather.


me & brooke with some new friends.
these drunk guys were really into our tailgate & wanted to help us sell clothes...
brooke is wearing a new jacket from our junior line which is going fast so hurry & get yours! i am wearing one of our newest arrivals from judith march.


brooke's roommate just got a new puppy! we watched it while she went inside the game. it is half australian shepard & half huskie. so adorable, but still hasn't been named!


mary wearing judith march & holding the adorable puppy. we have 1 more of these dresses left! it can be worn for football games, to school, church, christmas parties & so much more!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Store Change: October

We had our monthly store change yesterday. Asheton, Jenna, Brooke, Anna, Missy and I all worked together to redecorate the store. We will slowly be changing the look of McAuley's and hope you come by to check out our new changes! Also, let us know if you have any ideas of what you would like to see done. We would love you to send us pictures of you in McAuley's attire to , post them to facebook, or send them to 3312 Clemson Blvd, Anderson, SC 29623 so that we can add you to our new wall of customers!


New Judith March dresses!! This isn't even on our website yet!


Great clothes for pageants and homecomings!


Tweed. Black, White & Red. Always a great combination.


Another one of our new Judith March dresses that are not yet on our website! Come in the store before they are all gone.


Lots of orange & purple for Clemson game this weekend!

We hope to see you in the store this week && remember to send those pictures!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Find Out First About New Arrivals Under $100!

Dear Shoppers,
We've heard from many of you that you'd like to be notified about new junior arrivals as soon as they come in, so we're doing our best to make that happen! Since we're so busy unpacking, steaming, and tagging the new merchandise once it arrives, as well as helping customers, we often don't get to call those of you on our list as early as we'd like, and sometimes you miss out because you aren't notified in time. So, now you have the option of joining our email list called "New Arrivals Under $100." These emails will go out right away when these affordable junior items come in - before the steaming and tagging even begins, so the ladies on this list will always be the first to know! There won't be pictures of the items received in these emails, but we'll do our best to list specific items (skirts, turtlenecks, Clemson colors, etc.).
Now here's how to make sure you're on the list...
  1. If you already receive our emails, just go to our website ( & enter your email address in the sign up box. You will receive instructions for updating your profile within minutes, so you can then add "New Arrivals Under $100" to your lists. If that's too much trouble, feel free to send us an email to and we'll be happy to update your file.
  2. If you do not already receive our emails, you can also visit our website and enter your email address in the sign up box. From there, you will be taken to the page to choose your lists and enter any additional information you'd like for us to know. You'll automatically receive a $10 store credit for registering to receive our emails!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Pick of the Week


We got in lots of cute dresses this past week! My favorite one is this rust & grey square print dress because it is versatile. Add black heels and bold earrings for a night out. Or wear chunky necklaces, tights, and grunge boots for a grunge look.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what is it?

i created this design tonight. i have asked all my friends what they see in it and it is fun to see what everyone answerd! post a comment on what you see...


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Behind the Scenes

After a long week of hard work and creativity, we pulled it off!
This past Sunday we had a photoshoot that went amazing. Inspired by the Juicy Couture Ads, I had a vision of doing a fun and funky photoshoot that is totally different from any McAuley's shoot before. Missy and I spent hours on Thursday night styling the outfits, hair and make-up. We used Missy and Trey's huge Warehouse located in downtown Anderson, South Carolina.
The day started off a little rocky when our hair stylist had a miscommunication with how many models we would need styled and my camera was no where to be seen. The girls were at the salon for longer than we had expected but Hannah got them done and it didn't put us too far behind. While that was going on, I had misplaced my camera from using it the day before at our Clemson Tailgate. I started to panic but discovered it was at my house in Clemson which was at least thirty minutes away. There was no way I had an hour to spare and go get it so my amazing boyfriend drove it out to me. With that behind us, we were ready to go.

[Katie Cotton, the amazing make-up artist, touching up Tish Lish's lips.]

[Katie, Tish, Chelsey, and Ashley ready to go!]

[Taylor and Jake rockin' out]

[Tish, Taylor, && Chelsey about to do their cheetah/red shoot]

[Jake photographing the amazing Tish]

[Missy driving the Hummer out of the Warehouse. You can't even tell when it is in drive or park or anything, but she did it!]

[Me (looking like a boy in my pjs) photographing Tish.]

[Jake arranging Katie in the position he wanted her.]

[Chelsey posing as Jake fixes her scarf. The final product of this shoot is probably my second favorite.]

[Someone was sick! haha Taylor was hungover all day from the Clemson game and had to take a few sick breaks to lay and throw up. You can't even tell by the final pictures though and she still looked gorgeous!]

[Jake photographing Taylor & Katie.]

[Kelin, Missy & Jake after a hard days work.]

[Tish, Jake, Taylor, Ashley & Chelsey right before Jake had to leave for another shoot :( ]

All of this couldn't have happened without an amazing crew! All thanks to Jake Simpson, Missy Boggs, Kelin Quigley, Katie Cotton, Tish Lish, Chelsey Crookes, Taylor Solesbee, Ashley Martin, Ashley McAuley, Katie Barrs, and Hannah Johnson. Thanks for all your hardwork!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Boots Everywhere!

At our Clemson Tailgate set up at Friar's Tavern (the old Flip Flops), we saw a lot of boots worn with dresses and skinnies for the first time this season! The weather was perfect for this attire! If you still haven't come out and seen us, make sure you do because we give away free koozies! Also, don't forget about our Gameday Girls Contest. Send your pictures to !

All sporting McAuley's!

Brooke working at our tailgate. Notice the Gordetto's on the table...we needed some munchies because we were craving pizza.

I found the coolest dog! It is a mix of a Sharpay and Golden Retriever. It's head was so big...I had to get a picture.

Oh la la...Asheton has arrived!! Brooke and I were excited Asheton came and hung out with us at the tailgate for a little while even though she wasn't working.

Brooke, me and Asheton all wearing our McAuley's attire. Brooke and I are wearing Judith March and Asheton is wearing an orange Nanette Lepore top with jeans. Notice our pop up dressing room in the background? :)

Leah, Ansley, Sydney, and Ashley tailgating at Friar's Tavern.

After craving pizza all day, Brooke finally got a piece! (from a Little Ceasar's box on the ground. sketch! hahaha) Obviously, she enjoyed it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Catch a Sneak Peek!

Tomorrow we will be putting out lots of new dresses-perfect for Clemson game days or any occasion! Here are a few pictures to see what we have....

This is after I steamed all of the clothes. As you can see, we got in lots of one shoulder designs. I love the one shoulder elvis print judith march dress on the front! I think I may buy it to wear on my 21st birthday in mid November. I like the pattern also broken up by a belt.

This is a beautiful vintage inspired dress that is comfy but stylish with the ruffle detail. I tried it with the double wrap braided belt in camel and it looked great together.

Here is another one of the great Judith March dresses we got! It is not only comfortable but also great to pair with your favorite pair of boots!

Come by tomorrow and see what other great things we got in before it all gets gone!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pink is Powerful

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Don't forget to check out your local fundraisers and events to help out! If you are available this weekend and are in South Carolina, the Komen Lowcountry Race for the Cure is going to be held on October 16th in Charleston/Daniel Island. It would be a fun way to get involved!
Another great way to show your support is to wear the color pink to raise awareness. We have lots of great pink-whether it's a top or bottom, or accessories to add a punch! Check it out!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

boxes & bows


I know it is early....but I always begin Christmas shopping a little earlier than most people-which means NOW! :) Wrapping is often seen as a task but if you get a head start then you will have time to enjoy the creative side of giving your gift. I feel like the wrapping is just as important as the gift itself. As it gets a little closer, I will show you several different techniques and ways to create bows out of ribbon, tissue, & tulle! Pictured are a few packages I enjoyed wrapping this past week for a birthday gift. I used a vintage ribbon I purchased at a local thrift store with natural looking brown paper for the large one. On the smaller one, I used tulle to create a full, fluffy bow. You can recycle everyday objects, such as paper bags && old fabric, to wrap your gifts!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Month New Holiday

Wow! This month flew past! In two more days it will already be October. You know what that means-time to pull out your fall clothes and decorate for the holidays. One of my favorite holidays is Halloween because I love to dress up. I haven't decided on what to be this year but I need to decide soon so I can begin to make my outfit because homemade ones are the best! Asheton, an employee here at McAuley's, is going to be a disco fever girl. She ordered a vintage velvet one piece with a sequined top along with a crazy huge wig and giagantic gold hoops. She had a great idea of painting "Play that funky music White Boy" on the back with gold paint with "White Boy" written across her butt. I painted it this past weekend and here is a sneak preview of it:


Make sure to check back and see the full effect when Asheton is all dressed up.

Last year I needed a last minute costume and did a simple Whoville outfit by putting on a onesie sleep piece, and covering a tall cup up with my hair and tied it with a bow. It was an easy, cheap costume that worked because while I was out I ended up finding Thing 1 and Thing 2!


Have you decided what you are going to be this year? Have pictures from previous years you want to share? We wanna see! Share them with us! E-mail them to

Sunday, September 26, 2010



McAuley's Gameday Girls Contest!

Send us photos of yourself in your gameday outfit for the chance to win a $25 gift card after each home game, and to enter into the grand prize drawing for a $100 gift card at the end of football season!

And the rules are...

  • Following each game, we will accept your gameday photos from Sunday through Thursday night at 11:59PM

  • Each winner will receive a $25 McAuley's gift card
  • Winners will be announced on the Friday of the week following each home game
  • In order for your entry o be considered, you must be wearing at least one clothing item from McAuley's (top, skirt, romper, dress, etc). If you are wearing only accessories from McAuley's, your entry will not be considered.
  • Everyone here at the store will vote to choose the best-dressed gameday girl
  • Every single photo entered will enter you to win the $100 grand prize, which will be a random drawing, so your chances of winning increase with every entry you submit.
  • Emain photos to OR post them to our facebook page to enter

Saturday, September 25, 2010

French Connection does it AGAIN!

French Connection....their clothes are a gift from God! As I have said in many blogs before, they are one of my favorite lines! Their fit is always on target and their designs are always unique! We have gotten in so many great things from this clothing line lately! Their angel-winged collection is one of my new loves.....


I LOVE all of the pieces in this "Winter Wings" story! The black sweatshirt is a beautiful top! With the winged sequin detail on the shoulders, and the sparkling applique on the front, it gives this true sweatshirt top a unique and flashy appeal! I love it when you find a cute sweatshirt that was made into a beautiful piece of fashion! It's so easy to wear those things when you don't want to look overdressed, but still want to remain the most trendy & chic gal at the gathering! The Iron Eagle dress is AMAZING in person! So much detail goes into this dress! You have the most perfectly balanced mixture of metal and sequins, making it so easy to funk this one up, or wear it for a cocktail occasion! Throw a leather jacket over this girl and you have a hot-to-trot look! And the Winter Wings Tee...I love my unique tee's!! The sequined applique make this cream tinted tee stand out! The deep v-neck on this one allows you to steam up your look (pair it with skinny's and heels), or throw a black tank on underneath if you want to tone down the steam a little:-) The fit of this one is a little more relaxed, letting your look come off as super edgy and fun! I can't get enough of all these pieces, or French Connection!


This is a MAJOR employee favorite, and may be my most favorite piece EVER by French Connection.....EVER!! This is leather done at it's best! I don't think I have even seen a celebrity in magazines wear one cuter than this! For me, black leather has to be a little "girlie" for me to feel trendy in it. It's easy to give off the punkish vibe, but kind of hard to feel "cutesy". This jacket makes every look so easy to pull off! The cropped length and sleeve makes it easy to pair with dresses and tops...but the semi-puff shoulders, oh yes the shoulders, give this jacket the AAAHH factor! It looks amazing on EVERYONE who has tried it and is definitely the most CUTEST piece of leather artwork I have EVER seen!

Happy Saturday Shoppers!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fitness Fashion Dilemma!

Ok, I am NOT, nor have I ever been, a workout kind of girl. However, I am turning over a new leaf. I'm getting to that age where no physical activity=sore and achy bones! Well, I have a GREAT boyfriend who bought me a membership to the YMCA yesterday! I am very excited, however, just realized I have no workout clothes! I know what your thinking, t-shirt and shorts right? Easy! Well...not so easy for me. I can't wear just any kind of short, it has to be the tight fitted kind, because cotton ones would go up my butt and I would be tugging at them the whole time instead of working out. And about just wearing a t-shirt (which I have 1000 of), that doesn't work either because I sweat like a man! I know that it's okay for sweat to show through your shirt (it's a gym, and everybody does it), but big and baggy tee's make me very hot! So, I was left with a workout wardrobe dilemma and decided to google "celebrities going to the gym"....and....I didn't have much luck getting ideas. Instead, I was STUNNED at what some of these celebrites wore in public, let alone to work out in!


Really? Who would wear this? If you wear this to the gym, with the matching accessories, you need to stop!


Miley looks like she is taking the "walk of shame" home from her boyfriend's house...


Leave it to Fergie to wear a velour romper with sequins, a glorified workout fanny pack, and large headphones!


First off...Ashley "really" works out in these shoes? And how can she get a productive workout when she's having to pull her shirt back up on her shoulder the whole time! Just wondering....



I don't understand some of these workout clothes. I mean, they are celebrities, so they know they will probably be photographed....

But I think stuff like what Kim is wearing will be the best for me. It takes a lot for me to work out (but now, since I had someone buy the membership for me, that kinda means I HAVE to go). I am not someone who loves to sweat, and working out won't make me feel any different towards that. I know its part of the package, I will sweat which is fine, I just mean that I won't be layering on extra clothes in order to increase my sweating....yuk! That would mean breakout city! Well, wish me luck! I'll need it!


Monday, September 20, 2010