Friday, September 25, 2009

Top 5 Fall Essentials!!

Cooler nights, golden leaves, college football...The seasons, they are a changin'...

And it's time for you to prepare!!

I've compiled a list of my Top 5 Fall Essentials for your perusal!! Every item included on this list is a necessary purchase for the fashion elite. They may not be the most glamorous pieces, but girl they will be worn time and time again!!

Essential Item #1-A Tight Dark Turtleneck

I know, I know...who wants to spend valued cash on such a simple purchase when McAuley's offers such extravagent designs?! Think of it this way, with a tight-fitting dark turtleneck you can wear some of those beautful summer dresses all year long!! Not only do turtlenecks look great under dresses, they also completely pull together looks with vests, jeans, AND skirts!! Go from bland to instantly sleek in seconds!!

Essential Item #2-Tall Leather Boots

Tall leather boots, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways...I love you with flowy dresses, short skirts, and most of all-skinny jeans. Seriously, a nice pair of boots is a simple way to class up any outfit!! Wear with your favorite skinnies, a scarf, and a basic top for a fashionable and fierce look!!

Essential item #3-A Tailored Black Jacket/Coat

When the weather starts to chill, every girl needs a well-tailored black jacket or coat. It's just the rules. A piece like the one pictured below, makes any outfit (even a tee and skinny jeans) look refined and tasteful. A win-win situation!!

Essential Item #4-A Casual Vest

In case you've been living under a rock the past six months, vests are hot!! A simple knit vest, like the one pictured below, is versatile and uber stylish! I have to admit, I wear mine weekly :) It looks great over dresses, tanks, tops, AND turtlenecks!! Just make sure you get a soft casual fabric, that way you can wear it year round!!

Essential Item #5-Something Special!!!

Every season, a girl needs that one piece that makes her feel FABULOUS and FIERCE!! I'm talking about that little number that is SURE to turn heads!! Generally, it's smart to purchase the most useful items, but I recommend a splurge every now and then!! The dress pictured below is what has been making me smile lately :)

With Love,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Football Fashionistas!!!

Listen up all you stylish Clemson fans!! It is time to step up your gameday attire with a little bit of help from Mcauley's Unique Boutique! Below is a small sampling of what we at McAuley's have to offer!!!

Look #1
Mix a funky print with a solid top (preferably orange or purple!). For example, the richness of this burnt orange wrap gives class to the funky animal print of the skirt. The puckered sleeves add interest to the top, without subtracting from the fun of the skirt. Pair this outfit with a pair of flat leather boots, a turtleneck, and tights for the perfect fall look!!

Orange Cardigan
Animal Print Skirt

Look #2
Vests, Vests, Vests!!! This season (fashion and football), vests are the hottest way to stay stylish and trend-savvy. They look great over dresses, tanks, and tops and add edge to your basic outfit. Here we've paired a chocolate colored vest over a cream tank and an awesome burnt orange skirt. If you're worried about showing too much skin, throw a turtleneck on under the vest, add a belt, and tights for a toned down look. Tres chic!!!

Brown Vest
Orange Skirt
Ivory Tank

Look #3
Spice up a stylish grandpa cardigan!!! Oversized is a style movement at the moment, and grandpa cardigans are all the rage. However, as with anything baggy, fashionable girls must find a way to make these pieces exciting! Here we've layered the cardigan with a sassy animal print tank and belted the look. Frumpy to fashionista in minutes!! This outfit looks FANTASTIC when paired with dark skinny jeans and brown leather boots!!

Long Orange Cardigan
Zebra Print Cami
Skinny Black Belt

Look #4
Sophistication never looked so fun!! This adorable strapless orange top looks fabulous when paired with a brown draped skirt. The silk accents on top make the look posh and put-together. If skirts aren't your thing, the banded top looks great with skinny jeans and sandals. No matter how you wear it, you're guaranteed to be a hit!!

Orange Tube Top
Brown Skirt

No matter what your style, there is a complete outfit waiting for you here at McAuley's! We are completed dedicated to making our Clemson Tigers look the best!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We are...


Hey hey all you Clemson MG's (McAuley Girls)!! As you know, this weekend is Family Weekend at CU. After the first few weeks of school, it's a breath of fresh air to see mom and dad pull up in that trusty mini-van (hopefully with groceries!). Most families plan a few nice dinners and such, as a reunion treat for their very own Clemson Tiger. Here at McAuley's, we specialize in dressing you girls for your first "real" dinner in weeks :) We have tons of cute dresses that deserve to be taken out on the town!! We also specialize in gameday wear, so come by and support your team in style during the upcoming season!!


Fashion, Love, and Football,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Top 5 Things You Say That AREN'T True!!

Dearest McAuley Girls,

As a sales associate here at McAuley's, I am witness to some pretty harsh judges...YOU! If I had a penny for every time I heard a beautiful shopper complain about her "fat" thighs, "big ole" butt, or "flabby" arms, I would be a very rich woman!! It seems that even the most fabulous are subject to a little self-doubt at times. With that said, please don't take this the wrong way but...YOU ARE CRAZY!! Stand straight, hold your head high, and repeat after me "I am fashionable. I am fun. I am smoking hot!!"

In honor of this ludicrousness I am posting the Top 5 things I hear that are a) frustrating and b) completely false.

1. I look silly in dresses.
-First off, you can't categorize all dresses in one category! Frilly, flowy numbers may not be your style, but what about a sharp, tailored design? Secondly, dresses are one of the joys of femininity-take advantage!!

2. I can't wear high heels.
-Stop. Right Now. Heels add elegance and style to any outfit-not to mention they make you look 10 lbs thinner. Beauty is pain- Get over it :)

3. I'm too old for that.
-Admittedly, tube tops are not suitable attire for your 80-year-old grandma. However, hemlines are not legally required to hit the floor upon your 30th birthday! If ya got it, flaunt it!

4. Skinny jeans don't look good on me.
-We hear this from short, tall, curvy, and rail-thin girls all the time. Skinny jeans are a different look and take some getting used to...but they're also tres chic! Trust me, you won't regret it!

And my least favorite...

5. I can't pull that off.
-SHUT UP!! Yes you can!! Walk with confidence and own the fact that you are fabulous.

With love,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Show Your Wild Side This Season!

As we all know, fashion is about change and never stops!! Who knows what determines which direction styles will go...but go they will. In the mid-nineties it was all about sleek lines and clean cuts-think Calvin Klein clad Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. In the past few years, fashion has been celebrity and label obsessed thanks to our burgeoning paparazzi culture. However, this season trends have really gotten back to the basics of FUN. Neon tights...yes please! Vivacious animal prints? I'll take some! Labels aren't nearly as important as the artfulness of the design. The shipments here at McAuley's have sure gotten heavier with all the studded and sequined pieces!!

So, while you're shopping this fall remember the golden rule of fashion:


Here are a few photos of some things at McAuley's that have got me flashing those pearly whites...