Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new!

Atlanta Market just ended, and we thought it was an appropriate time to let you know about one of the changes taking place here at McAuley’s. We will no longer be carrying dresses by Nicole Miller due to the fact that the line is beginning to flood the market. At McAuley’s, we have always taken pride in being able to provide our customers with unique styles that could not be found at EVERY other boutique you went to.

Now is the perfect time for prom customers to come in – starting next week, most of our Nicole Miller dresses will be between 25 and 80% off! And the remaining Nicole Miller dresses are ones carefully selected… That combined with the fact that we register ALL prom dresses, will make it certain that you won’t see anyone else at your prom in your dress!

We’re very excited about the new formal lines we’re picking up in the near future, so we wanted to go ahead and let you know a little bit about some of them.

We’re looking forward to getting in our first shipment from Phoebe Couture by Kay Unger! Here’s just a little preview of what we have coming in… Many more dresses are coming that we don’t have pictures to share with you!

In addition, we’ll also be picking up Dalia McPhee, who designs dresses for “Dancing with the Stars” host Samantha Harris! With so much to look forward to, we hope our shoppers aren’t too upset that we won’t be carrying Nicole Miller any longer!

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We're back from market!

We're back from our weekend at the Atlanta Apparel market, and boy have we got some exciting stuff to share!

While market is a lot of fun... meeting designers, attending fashion shows, etc... There is actual work involved! First of all, we couldn't wait to let you know about one of the newest lines we're picking up -- Judith March! These are some adorable dresses, and we are SO excited about this one, largely because a lot of these dresses will be UNDER $100! Here's just a little preview of some of the styles we'll be getting from Judith March:

As many of you know, the main reason for this buying trip was to search for fall merchandise. I know it's hard for you to imagine planning for fall when we haven't even gotten into summer yet, but that's the way of the world of fashion! It almost makes me excited for fall when I think about the cooler weather trends... Some of the big ones for fall are..

Shorts with Tights

Over the Knee Boots


and Sequins

That's all for now... Stay tuned for our follow-up post tomorrow with information about some of the new formal lines we're picking up!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Look of the Week: Focus on Neutrals

Neutrals are so UNDER rated…but don’t be mistaken; neutrals are hot! Don’t be afraid of them! Layering a neutral piece with a splash of color is a great and easy way to throw together an outfit. We love layered, laid back looks too. Fabrics such as silk and jersey allow for a draped look; a look that can fall over wanted curves in a delicate, smooth way and hide curves you don’t want seen! Try pairing a neutral piece of yours with a great necklace, bold bag, or sweet shoes! Play around with it…you can’t go wrong with this palette! Take a peek at our look of the week. We’ve taken the French Connection, beige Killer Silk dress and thrown on the orange and gold multi-layered necklace for a splash of color! Fabulous…and so easy!