Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Month New Holiday

Wow! This month flew past! In two more days it will already be October. You know what that means-time to pull out your fall clothes and decorate for the holidays. One of my favorite holidays is Halloween because I love to dress up. I haven't decided on what to be this year but I need to decide soon so I can begin to make my outfit because homemade ones are the best! Asheton, an employee here at McAuley's, is going to be a disco fever girl. She ordered a vintage velvet one piece with a sequined top along with a crazy huge wig and giagantic gold hoops. She had a great idea of painting "Play that funky music White Boy" on the back with gold paint with "White Boy" written across her butt. I painted it this past weekend and here is a sneak preview of it:


Make sure to check back and see the full effect when Asheton is all dressed up.

Last year I needed a last minute costume and did a simple Whoville outfit by putting on a onesie sleep piece, and covering a tall cup up with my hair and tied it with a bow. It was an easy, cheap costume that worked because while I was out I ended up finding Thing 1 and Thing 2!


Have you decided what you are going to be this year? Have pictures from previous years you want to share? We wanna see! Share them with us! E-mail them to

Sunday, September 26, 2010



McAuley's Gameday Girls Contest!

Send us photos of yourself in your gameday outfit for the chance to win a $25 gift card after each home game, and to enter into the grand prize drawing for a $100 gift card at the end of football season!

And the rules are...

  • Following each game, we will accept your gameday photos from Sunday through Thursday night at 11:59PM

  • Each winner will receive a $25 McAuley's gift card
  • Winners will be announced on the Friday of the week following each home game
  • In order for your entry o be considered, you must be wearing at least one clothing item from McAuley's (top, skirt, romper, dress, etc). If you are wearing only accessories from McAuley's, your entry will not be considered.
  • Everyone here at the store will vote to choose the best-dressed gameday girl
  • Every single photo entered will enter you to win the $100 grand prize, which will be a random drawing, so your chances of winning increase with every entry you submit.
  • Emain photos to OR post them to our facebook page to enter

Saturday, September 25, 2010

French Connection does it AGAIN!

French Connection....their clothes are a gift from God! As I have said in many blogs before, they are one of my favorite lines! Their fit is always on target and their designs are always unique! We have gotten in so many great things from this clothing line lately! Their angel-winged collection is one of my new loves.....


I LOVE all of the pieces in this "Winter Wings" story! The black sweatshirt is a beautiful top! With the winged sequin detail on the shoulders, and the sparkling applique on the front, it gives this true sweatshirt top a unique and flashy appeal! I love it when you find a cute sweatshirt that was made into a beautiful piece of fashion! It's so easy to wear those things when you don't want to look overdressed, but still want to remain the most trendy & chic gal at the gathering! The Iron Eagle dress is AMAZING in person! So much detail goes into this dress! You have the most perfectly balanced mixture of metal and sequins, making it so easy to funk this one up, or wear it for a cocktail occasion! Throw a leather jacket over this girl and you have a hot-to-trot look! And the Winter Wings Tee...I love my unique tee's!! The sequined applique make this cream tinted tee stand out! The deep v-neck on this one allows you to steam up your look (pair it with skinny's and heels), or throw a black tank on underneath if you want to tone down the steam a little:-) The fit of this one is a little more relaxed, letting your look come off as super edgy and fun! I can't get enough of all these pieces, or French Connection!


This is a MAJOR employee favorite, and may be my most favorite piece EVER by French Connection.....EVER!! This is leather done at it's best! I don't think I have even seen a celebrity in magazines wear one cuter than this! For me, black leather has to be a little "girlie" for me to feel trendy in it. It's easy to give off the punkish vibe, but kind of hard to feel "cutesy". This jacket makes every look so easy to pull off! The cropped length and sleeve makes it easy to pair with dresses and tops...but the semi-puff shoulders, oh yes the shoulders, give this jacket the AAAHH factor! It looks amazing on EVERYONE who has tried it and is definitely the most CUTEST piece of leather artwork I have EVER seen!

Happy Saturday Shoppers!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fitness Fashion Dilemma!

Ok, I am NOT, nor have I ever been, a workout kind of girl. However, I am turning over a new leaf. I'm getting to that age where no physical activity=sore and achy bones! Well, I have a GREAT boyfriend who bought me a membership to the YMCA yesterday! I am very excited, however, just realized I have no workout clothes! I know what your thinking, t-shirt and shorts right? Easy! Well...not so easy for me. I can't wear just any kind of short, it has to be the tight fitted kind, because cotton ones would go up my butt and I would be tugging at them the whole time instead of working out. And about just wearing a t-shirt (which I have 1000 of), that doesn't work either because I sweat like a man! I know that it's okay for sweat to show through your shirt (it's a gym, and everybody does it), but big and baggy tee's make me very hot! So, I was left with a workout wardrobe dilemma and decided to google "celebrities going to the gym"....and....I didn't have much luck getting ideas. Instead, I was STUNNED at what some of these celebrites wore in public, let alone to work out in!


Really? Who would wear this? If you wear this to the gym, with the matching accessories, you need to stop!


Miley looks like she is taking the "walk of shame" home from her boyfriend's house...


Leave it to Fergie to wear a velour romper with sequins, a glorified workout fanny pack, and large headphones!


First off...Ashley "really" works out in these shoes? And how can she get a productive workout when she's having to pull her shirt back up on her shoulder the whole time! Just wondering....



I don't understand some of these workout clothes. I mean, they are celebrities, so they know they will probably be photographed....

But I think stuff like what Kim is wearing will be the best for me. It takes a lot for me to work out (but now, since I had someone buy the membership for me, that kinda means I HAVE to go). I am not someone who loves to sweat, and working out won't make me feel any different towards that. I know its part of the package, I will sweat which is fine, I just mean that I won't be layering on extra clothes in order to increase my sweating....yuk! That would mean breakout city! Well, wish me luck! I'll need it!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fast Football Picks!

You have a while before the game starts tonight, so for everyone who didn't go to Auburn, stop in and grab some quick & cute cheapies! If your just going to a friends house, and don't want to spend much on something to make your outfit "spirited", we have a lot of great accessories you can snatch up! These are some of my favorites!


I LOVE this scarf, and its so easy to wear! You can take an average, solid top, throw this statement scarf around your neck, and your Clemson outfit is complete! This is such an easy and reasonable buy! Perfect for hot & cold weather!


I LOVE these clutches! They are so edgy & speak volumes when added to an outfit! Such a great match when paired with the chained scarf!


To wrap up this rocker-chic Clemson collection, this studded purse is AMAZING! It's a perfect add-on to any casual outfit!

The great thing about all of these accessories is that you can wear all of them during the off season too! The chain scarves are my absolute favorite! So funky and unique!

Happy Saturday shopping ladies! Go Tigers!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dog Divas!

If any of you know me, then you know that I LIVE for my poodle, Bailey. I got her in December of 2005 and my life has never been the same!

When I worked at McAuley's daily, she was ALWAYS working with me. She would lay on the stool, in front of the register, & work by my side all day. Many customers knew her on a first name basis. She was such a hard little retail worker.

However, this is the position she would end up in by the end
of the day...

I DID consider myself a good mother to her. I would clothe her for the appropriate occasions/condidtions....


THEN, I came across TRUE diva doggy fashion! After looking at the following dog fashion show, put on by the Fashion Institute for Technology in NY, I felt like the worst mom EVER for letting my poo-girl go out of the house in some of the outfits I have made her wear! Look at these pooches truly do fashion!

The students of the Fashion Institute designed all of these clothes themselves! Check out the actual fashion show, it's the cutest thing ever!

I love dressing Bailey (she HATES it). Now, I have to step up my "cute" factor because obviously (from her previous fashion ensembles), I have some improvements to make in her closet:-)

Check out some of these websites I have had some great luck on! (this one has really cute graphic t's)

Fall Footwear

As it begins to cool off, everyone is excited to put up their sandals and switch to fall shoes! Lots of great styles are in this season: Clogs, Mules, Lace Ups, Boots, and so many more. Here are some awesome finds to check out:


Monday, September 13, 2010

Slick Skinnies


Kourtney Kardashian was seen in New York sporting Citizens of Humanity Slick Skinny Jeans while carrying her son, Mason. She paired them with a floral top and sky-high Louboutins. These are my new favorite jeans because they are so comfortable and easy to move in-looks like she agrees! We just got in a shipment of them!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall's Hottest Hats!

This fall, hats are one of the most major accessories that can make or break your trend setting outfit. These fashion pieces have never truly went out of style, but this season, they are more of vital importance for any winter works outfit than ever! Check out the most popular hat styles to keep your nugget warm this season!


This smaller head piece looks exactly like the name implies. This 50's inspired hat is back, and is just as strong for the females as it was for the men so long ago!


This hat style is one that is very familiar to us all! Some of us may have had a hat this style when we were kids...or maybe our little brother did! This is my favorite winter headpiece because of the unique shape, and actual warmth, this trend item will apply to your noggin' during the cold winter months!


The turban hat....I'm not so sure how to respond to this one! It was all over the runways at the premiers for 2010's fall, but I think it may be a little over the top. Of course it looked great on Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City 2, but they were in Abu Dhabi when she wore this immaculate and appropriate headpiece. I like the style when it's tied, kind of like a headband, but when its wrapped completely around, resembling that of a foreign fashion you would never consider a leaves me a little confused as to what my opinion is:-/


Nope, it's still not time for this popular hat style to go out! However, the most "updated" fedora style for fall has a bit more of a larger rim than the one's you have seen this spring and summer. The edges are more belled this season; structured for a more dressy and conservative occasion, or more along the lines of floppy for casual and fun!

Even if you aren't a "hat person", get a few for this fall! By the end of the season, you will have transformed yourself into a "hat head" and will probably continue to wear hats for the rest of your life! They are so fun, and you always feel more fashionable with one on (not to mention the ease of having a "good hair day")!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My favorite new picks!

There are so many things at the store right now that are my "newest" favs! Today is Saturday, the weather is a little dull outside, so why not surf the internet and make my new wishlist? Today is going to be short and sweet, getting straight to the point with what has made my heart rate elevate this a.m. Now, I just have to ask the boyfriend to make my wishlist come true:-)


I love this winged tee! The sequin applique on the front gives it a cool and edgy vibe! I just got a really cool jacket by Threads for Thought from the store, it's kind of like a cotton moto jacket, and it would look so cute over this tee!


Can you tell that French Connection is one of my favorite lines? I love this cute sweater! It's really light weight, so its perfect for light fall & transitioning spring weather! The button-up back gives it more of an urban feel, while the front seems so innocent and sweet;-)I love anything with funky & surprising designs on them!


I have been waiting for these amazing jeans to come in!! This may be my most favorite pair EVER! Which, if you know me, I live for jeans so that is a major statement! Their phantom skinny is an ankle length jean, but they hit me right above my perfect length with no alterations! The semi-distressed & faded wash is so hot! I am in LOVE with this denim! IN LOVE!


I LOVE this new Envi dress! Their prints are always unique! I love the fit of this one; with the fitted bottom, you can make this a casual dress with boots or hot with heels! The print makes it perfect for a Clemson game, but its not to "Clemson inspired" where you couldn't wear it to anything but Death Valley!

Make your wishlist online & drop hints to your special someone....hopefully both our wishes will come true! Happy Saturday shoppers!

Friday, September 10, 2010

High Style at Low Prices!

Oh my gosh, the shipment we got in yesterday at the store was AMAZING!! There are so many things to choose from for the game tomorrow! What's great about all the new goodies, besides everything being so incredibly cute, are the cheaper prices! You can get your outfit for under $70, and some things, under $50!! I also like how some of the dresses are great versatile prints! I love for most of my gameday attire to be solid orange or purple, but I like to throw a couple of printed purchases in because when football is over, I never touch my solid orange dresses again until I have some sort of Clemson game to go to (my purples I'll wear after the season w/black). With printed dresses & tops, I can wear them to anything and not feel like I'm getting ready to tailgate (prints are also easy to accessorize for fall with belts, jackets, and boots).

Check out some of our newest arrivals!


I love, love, love all of these! All of them can be worn for the cooler games too...just add tights, boots, and your favorite jacket...your good to go!

Another one of my favorite newbies is the MUST-HAVE purple vest! It's a great basic that can "Clemson up" any outfit! Throw it over your favorite dress or top and your ready to support your team! You can't go wrong with this "any weather" item, & it's only $39.98! This is one thing you can wear multiple times in a season; making a different outfit with it each time!


We have tons of orange and purple clothing in the store, so come visit us today and we'll help you get ready for your football weekend!
We have new orange and purple jewelry in as's your chance to rack up!

>>Shop our online Clemson store

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's in store for Saturday Football...

At McAuley's, we are ALWAYS ready for this amazing time of year! Football, football, football! With all of the Clemson-worthy styles we keep getting in weekly (and will continue to get in weekly until the end of the season), you will be amazed at how cute you can be for the games this fall! Prints are big...and rompers are bigger! It's a simple piece of's just one thing to put on, and POOF! You now have your entire outfit (plus any accessories you want to snaz your onesie up with)! Personally, I'm a huge romper fan, as you can probably tell from some of my previous posts! I mean, seriously, what's not to love about this trend? I will reiterate...just ONE THING TO PUT ON! It's simple to wear and one of the most trendy styles you can rock right now while still looking "effortless" and up with the fashion beat;-)

Cheer on your Tigers with any of these fashion savvy pieces. By the end of the night, you'll be tired of saying "thank you" to all of the "Oh my gosh I love your romper" compliments that will be rolling in all day long!


Also, a little warning: HUGE ORANGE SHIPMENT ALSO ARRIVING TODAY & TOMORROW;-) Hurry in and get your pick from all the awesome stuff!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Shipments!

We got in a lot of great merchandise this week and have more on it's way! This week we will be posting lots of new jewelry too, so be sure to check back for lots of great fall deals!

Gamedays are here!

This past Saturday was Clemson's first game of the season! We have a tailgating spot at Friar's Tavern for every game day. Come by and see us to get a free koozie! We will be selling gameday outfits and accessories every week!

purses, scarfs, clutches, jewelry and much more!

orange and purple gameday clothes!

koozies and brochures!

Saturday, September 4, 2010