Friday, May 28, 2010

The Carrie Craze!

Sex and the City 2 hit the big screen yesterday! I don't know about you, but I have always looked at Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), as a "fashion icon". Her vogue appeal is always on time and never a miss! She can perfect a super chic and sweet attire, and can also blow a bright and sparkling outfit out of the fashion park! Being a definite "trend setter", her daring appearance always lands her in fashion magazines declaring things a "New Carrie Trend"! Before you know it, they are making shoes, clothes, and accessories to imitate her "look"! I stem some of my ensembles from her super savvy style....what girl wouldn't! These are my favorite pieces in the store right now that can give you that "VERY CARRIE" vibe!

The Daphne top and Louise skirt by Eva Franco definately give off a Sex and the City style! The color is a beautiful neutral khaki with light gold thread weaved into the material. When worn together, the two pieces resemble one. Put a cute flower pin at the upper shoulder of the top, and you have a Carrie Craze Couture look! Want more ways to wear the two pieces? This top goes great with dark denim, a cream pair of shorts or skirt, and looks great with black bottoms! With the skirt, add a cute short sleeve cotton top to dress it down & pair it with some cute wedges! (throw a tucked in button-up for a more business appeal or a silk-like top for more cocktail)

This beautiful cream dress by Ark & Co. screams CARRIE BRADSHAW! She loves cutesy dresses belted at the waist! Pair this dress with a great pair of chunky black heels and you have one of Carrie's more conservative sexy looks!

Both of these amazing dresses from Trina Turk scream Carrie's flashy side, especially in the new Sex and the City! The Column long dress ,with a flowing bottom and embroidered neckline, giving it a simple, yet sexy feel. The Bizet Dress is a beautiful eye catching piece. With feminine ruffling down the front, it creates that sexy and sweet look that Carrie loves so much! The elastic waist gives it an amazing shape, and the fitted skirt compliments the more forgiving top; a sure Carrie Crave!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Style Tips for Every Shape and Size!

We all have issues with our bodies sometimes, right? It's part of being a woman - knowing that, wherever you are or wherever you go, you'll eventually wind up at that rack of glossy magazines at the check-out aisle of your local supermarket, being stared down by an airbrushed Kim Kardashian and wishing your figure was as flawless as hers. It's a fact of life that we're constantly comparing ourselves to others, searching for ways to make ourselves look skinnier or more shapely, less tall or more tan. Well, good news, ladies! With just a little bit of cleverness and a carefully planned wardrobe, you too can look as fabulous as you feel - without ever having to spend time at the gym or set foot in a salon! Check out these style tips from McAuley's:

     Horizontal Stripes
Do's: If, like Penelope Cruz, you're slender and have small to average-sized breasts and hips, horizontal stripes will enhance your body shape to make you appear more buxom and curvy. Or, if you want to offset a large chest or a large behind, horizontally striped pieces (skirts and shirts, as opposed to long dresses) can widen your smaller body parts.
Don'ts: Jessica Simpson has always been voluptuous, so she probably should have stayed away from this knee-length striped dress! You can see how it makes her chest, hips, and stomach appear larger - definitely not a flattering fit.

     Solid Colors
Do's: If you're one of those girls who (like me!) is short and constantly trying to appear taller, I have good news! A pair of killer high heels isn't the only answer to your problem. Solid color pieces, like this pink dress worn by Natalie Portman, actually serve to lengthen your body and enhance your height. Seriously, I bet no one on the red carpet that night could even tell that Natalie is only 5"3'!
Don'ts: At 5"11', Taylor Swift is one tall girl, and wearing a solid color outfit would only have made her look even taller! Taylor was smart to choose this cardigan and floral print dress combo, which makes her appear much less lengthy.

Do's: It's sexy, it's slimming, and it goes with practically everything! Black is easily the most versatile color out there, so don't hesitate to take a risk and pair it with something daring that you wouldn't normally wear!
Don'ts: Contrary to popular belief, black really isn't for everyone! When worn close to the face it can make thin, sharp features look harsh and unforgiving. It can also make pale skin tones like the Olsen's appear almost ghostly white - stylists recommend that women with fair skin go for a nice gray or charcoal color, like this dress worn by Hayden Panettiere, instead!

Well, that's all for now! Be sure to check back next week for more Style Tips for Every Shape and Size. Also, don't hesitate to leave a comment if there's anything in particular you'd like to see discussed!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Back.....The Denim Jacket Trend Has Been Rediscovered!

If there is one thing I have learned over the years…it is to NEVER get rid of certain pieces in your closet….more particularly….a denim jacket! Yes, this is a trend that comes in for a season, sometimes two, and then fades away but never for long! It is a style-piece that you will always be able to rely on. You may send it to the back of the closet for three or four seasons, but you can bet your bank that you will be bringing it in and out of this beautiful world for the rest of your life. Throughout many decades, this has been and remains to be a piece we have been able to rely on; weaving its way in and out of fashion magazines and “key pieces for the season” headlines. The denim jacket trend will usually run its “trend course” 5-6 times in a decade, not to mention it can be worn year round! It is a sure bet for, literally, the rest of your life….so buy a good quality piece, because if you don’t, how do you expect this “must have; wear with everything” piece to last you for your lifetime!

Check out my "ways & reasons" for The Denim Jacket!

That’s right…over a cute cocktail dress! Let’s say your attending an event and your cocktail dress is a little on the solid/shimmery side. Your wanting to show your imagination and “up-to-date” style sense, so how do you get a little creative with a dressier item? Throw denim with the dress! Also, a perfect problem solver for that dinner party you have to attend…but the dress for it is a little more on the dressy-casual side. You fear of being overdressed and having that “I tried way to hard” kind of look. What’s the easy solution? Throw the denim with the dress!

You’re going to run errands in town for a while, and the wind is blowing enough to make you think about putting on jeans…why? Its summer and you’ll be running in and out of stores and making stops, with the chance to get a little heated from the long jeans…throw your denim jacket over a cotton dress or tunic! You’ll be able to move a lot more comfortably and will look “super cute” while your zooming in and out of your stop spots!

Oh and don’t forget about all of those summer dresses in your closet! The denim jacket is perfect for those summer night cookouts with friends that tend to bring a nice breeze when the sun goes down! Or what about evening walks at the beach? We all know how cool it gets then! If you’re like me, and always seem to freeze in restaurants, the denim jacket is perfect for these weather conditions while still maintaining your “summer style”!

Good news....if you are absent one denim jacket in your closet, or need to “update” your worn fashion piece, we have the perfect one for you! Check out our amazing denim jacket by Joe’s Jeans! Remember….the denim jacket is the trend that will never cease to exist!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Look of the Week: Summery Shorts!

It's that time of the year again! You know - the time of the year when temperatures soar to seventy degrees and above, and all you want to do is lay out at the beach or the lake (or even in your own backyard!) in the hope of catching some of that delicious summer sun. A glass of lemonade, a good gossip magazine... and of course, a pair of sexy, summery shorts from McAuley's are sure to make this season the hottest summer yet! Why suffer a slow bake in a pair of long pants when you could achieve the perfect summer sizzle in any of the items pictured below? Take a look:

Items pictured above: Zoom Shorts in Guava by Trina Turk, Clayton Short in Black by Trina Turk, Ricardo Shorts in Poppy by Trina Turk, Cece Shorts by Trina Turk, Sagamore Short by Nanette Lepore (also available in Navy.) (Click the picture to view the item's details!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebrity Style Steal!

Unless you're living under a rock these days, you've probably noticed the "no pants" trend that's recently been taking the fashion world by storm. Wherever you are - at the mall, at a restaurant, out on the town - it can't have escaped your notice that people are ditching shorts and jeans in favor of long shirts and leggings. And why not? I know I'm a huge fan of an outfit that combines comfort with just the right amount of sex appeal, like the one pictured above on Vanessa Hudgens! Sometimes when I just don't feel like piling on tank tops and shirts and jackets for that cute (but complicated!) layered look, I'll just throw on something similarly stylish and simple, like this Nanette Lepore Charlotte Shirt Dress from McAuley's. Paired with a braided brown belt and some cute gladiator shoes, this look can instantly go from casual to glam - something every girl should love to have in her closet, since we all have days when we just don't feel like dressing up!
-- Kay

Items pictured in image: Nanette Lepore Charlotte Shirt Dress in Chambray, Ribbon Hat in Tan, Weave Belt with Gold.

* Note: Gladiator shoes not available at McAuley's!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Look of the Week: Florals!

Time to box up those boring blacks and browns and stick those snow boots in the closet! The weather outside is getting warmer, and there's no better way to celebrate than with a flirty floral print. So, whether you're soaking up the sun at the beach or hitting the racks at the mall, you can rest assured that your fashionable, flower-inspired look will be anything but last season! Be sure to check out these cute, colorful florals from McAuley's!

Items pictured in image: Blue Strapless Floral Dress, Eva Franco Mimi Skirt in Camelot Floral, Multi Flower Necklace.

Items pictured above: Floral Swirl Dress by Nicole Miller; Luv-to-Luv Dress by Nanette Lepore; Franco Dress by Lilly Pulitzer; Blair Dress by Lilly Pulitzer; Wildflower Dress in Blue Multi by Trina Turk; Chiffon Flower Print Halter Dress; Strapless Floral Poplin Dress with Smocking; Royal Blue Floral Print Dress; Strapless Floral Print Dress. (Click the picture to view the item's details!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Look of the Week: Rompers!

Why settle for just "looking good" this summer? Sure, dresses and skirts are incredibly cute, but if you really want to stand out, you should try something that's fashion-forward and totally fun - rompers! Featured in the Spring 2009 collections of Marc Jacobs, Max Azria, and the like, it's easy to see why these flirty one-piece playsuits are poised to become this season's hottest new trend. Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Beyoncé were quick to catch on, but it's not too late to steal a couple of seconds in the spotlight with your own summer-inspired outfit! Be sure to check out these gorgeous rompers from McAuley's before it's too late!

Items pictured above: Zelda Romper by Nanette Lepore; Trudy 2 Romper in Blue Splash by Trina Turk; Purple Ruffle Romper by Frenzii. (Click the picture to view the item's details!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Look of the Week: Cinco de Mayo

Fun…Festive…and Fashion! Everyone loves to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Take this opportunity to socialize/celebrate with friends while donning your fabulous new outfit that you so deserved! With tons of new arrivals to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you need to make you feel fabulous during this celebration! No matter if your celebrating from sun up to sun down, going out on the town for the night, or having friends over, we have every fashion scenario covered for you! With Cinco de Mayo approaching this Wednesday, check out our fun pieces to make your 2010 celebration the most exciting yet!

Items pictured above:

Navy & Red Poplin Dress

Judith March Blue Tank Dress with Playful Paisley Print Bottom

Want to get a little more dressed up for your Cinco de Mayo festivities this year? Try this French Connection Zero Dotty Dress