Thursday, May 27, 2010

Style Tips for Every Shape and Size!

We all have issues with our bodies sometimes, right? It's part of being a woman - knowing that, wherever you are or wherever you go, you'll eventually wind up at that rack of glossy magazines at the check-out aisle of your local supermarket, being stared down by an airbrushed Kim Kardashian and wishing your figure was as flawless as hers. It's a fact of life that we're constantly comparing ourselves to others, searching for ways to make ourselves look skinnier or more shapely, less tall or more tan. Well, good news, ladies! With just a little bit of cleverness and a carefully planned wardrobe, you too can look as fabulous as you feel - without ever having to spend time at the gym or set foot in a salon! Check out these style tips from McAuley's:

     Horizontal Stripes
Do's: If, like Penelope Cruz, you're slender and have small to average-sized breasts and hips, horizontal stripes will enhance your body shape to make you appear more buxom and curvy. Or, if you want to offset a large chest or a large behind, horizontally striped pieces (skirts and shirts, as opposed to long dresses) can widen your smaller body parts.
Don'ts: Jessica Simpson has always been voluptuous, so she probably should have stayed away from this knee-length striped dress! You can see how it makes her chest, hips, and stomach appear larger - definitely not a flattering fit.

     Solid Colors
Do's: If you're one of those girls who (like me!) is short and constantly trying to appear taller, I have good news! A pair of killer high heels isn't the only answer to your problem. Solid color pieces, like this pink dress worn by Natalie Portman, actually serve to lengthen your body and enhance your height. Seriously, I bet no one on the red carpet that night could even tell that Natalie is only 5"3'!
Don'ts: At 5"11', Taylor Swift is one tall girl, and wearing a solid color outfit would only have made her look even taller! Taylor was smart to choose this cardigan and floral print dress combo, which makes her appear much less lengthy.

Do's: It's sexy, it's slimming, and it goes with practically everything! Black is easily the most versatile color out there, so don't hesitate to take a risk and pair it with something daring that you wouldn't normally wear!
Don'ts: Contrary to popular belief, black really isn't for everyone! When worn close to the face it can make thin, sharp features look harsh and unforgiving. It can also make pale skin tones like the Olsen's appear almost ghostly white - stylists recommend that women with fair skin go for a nice gray or charcoal color, like this dress worn by Hayden Panettiere, instead!

Well, that's all for now! Be sure to check back next week for more Style Tips for Every Shape and Size. Also, don't hesitate to leave a comment if there's anything in particular you'd like to see discussed!


  1. I'm with you regarding Jessica Simpson's dress. I've always been curvy, and even at my very thinnest knew better than to wear horizontal stripes.
    As for grey, I'm really getting into it. A friend gave me a gorgeous dark grey purse and it's such a nice change from black and brown. Now we'll see if I've brave enough to venture into the grey zone beyond accessories.

  2. How about pant lengths for short girls? I am 5'3" and am nervous about trying a boyfriend style jean, or any cropped pants. I buy them anyways, but don't think they are helping my short-ness. Any advice would be helpful.

  3. Some people think grey is such a "blah" color compared to black, but I'm with you, Jenny. I'm particularly partial to grey shoes, because they're so easy to match with different outfits!

    And Faith, I know how you feel - at 5"2', I'm always looking for pants that will make me taller! I'll be sure to research some Style Tips about jeans for girls who are shorter - be on the lookout for it next week! :)