Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Back.....The Denim Jacket Trend Has Been Rediscovered!

If there is one thing I have learned over the years…it is to NEVER get rid of certain pieces in your closet….more particularly….a denim jacket! Yes, this is a trend that comes in for a season, sometimes two, and then fades away but never for long! It is a style-piece that you will always be able to rely on. You may send it to the back of the closet for three or four seasons, but you can bet your bank that you will be bringing it in and out of this beautiful world for the rest of your life. Throughout many decades, this has been and remains to be a piece we have been able to rely on; weaving its way in and out of fashion magazines and “key pieces for the season” headlines. The denim jacket trend will usually run its “trend course” 5-6 times in a decade, not to mention it can be worn year round! It is a sure bet for, literally, the rest of your life….so buy a good quality piece, because if you don’t, how do you expect this “must have; wear with everything” piece to last you for your lifetime!

Check out my "ways & reasons" for The Denim Jacket!

That’s right…over a cute cocktail dress! Let’s say your attending an event and your cocktail dress is a little on the solid/shimmery side. Your wanting to show your imagination and “up-to-date” style sense, so how do you get a little creative with a dressier item? Throw denim with the dress! Also, a perfect problem solver for that dinner party you have to attend…but the dress for it is a little more on the dressy-casual side. You fear of being overdressed and having that “I tried way to hard” kind of look. What’s the easy solution? Throw the denim with the dress!

You’re going to run errands in town for a while, and the wind is blowing enough to make you think about putting on jeans…why? Its summer and you’ll be running in and out of stores and making stops, with the chance to get a little heated from the long jeans…throw your denim jacket over a cotton dress or tunic! You’ll be able to move a lot more comfortably and will look “super cute” while your zooming in and out of your stop spots!

Oh and don’t forget about all of those summer dresses in your closet! The denim jacket is perfect for those summer night cookouts with friends that tend to bring a nice breeze when the sun goes down! Or what about evening walks at the beach? We all know how cool it gets then! If you’re like me, and always seem to freeze in restaurants, the denim jacket is perfect for these weather conditions while still maintaining your “summer style”!

Good news....if you are absent one denim jacket in your closet, or need to “update” your worn fashion piece, we have the perfect one for you! Check out our amazing denim jacket by Joe’s Jeans! Remember….the denim jacket is the trend that will never cease to exist!

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