Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall's Hottest Hats!

This fall, hats are one of the most major accessories that can make or break your trend setting outfit. These fashion pieces have never truly went out of style, but this season, they are more of vital importance for any winter works outfit than ever! Check out the most popular hat styles to keep your nugget warm this season!


This smaller head piece looks exactly like the name implies. This 50's inspired hat is back, and is just as strong for the females as it was for the men so long ago!


This hat style is one that is very familiar to us all! Some of us may have had a hat this style when we were kids...or maybe our little brother did! This is my favorite winter headpiece because of the unique shape, and actual warmth, this trend item will apply to your noggin' during the cold winter months!


The turban hat....I'm not so sure how to respond to this one! It was all over the runways at the premiers for 2010's fall, but I think it may be a little over the top. Of course it looked great on Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City 2, but they were in Abu Dhabi when she wore this immaculate and appropriate headpiece. I like the style when it's tied, kind of like a headband, but when its wrapped completely around, resembling that of a foreign fashion you would never consider a leaves me a little confused as to what my opinion is:-/


Nope, it's still not time for this popular hat style to go out! However, the most "updated" fedora style for fall has a bit more of a larger rim than the one's you have seen this spring and summer. The edges are more belled this season; structured for a more dressy and conservative occasion, or more along the lines of floppy for casual and fun!

Even if you aren't a "hat person", get a few for this fall! By the end of the season, you will have transformed yourself into a "hat head" and will probably continue to wear hats for the rest of your life! They are so fun, and you always feel more fashionable with one on (not to mention the ease of having a "good hair day")!

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