Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Month New Holiday

Wow! This month flew past! In two more days it will already be October. You know what that means-time to pull out your fall clothes and decorate for the holidays. One of my favorite holidays is Halloween because I love to dress up. I haven't decided on what to be this year but I need to decide soon so I can begin to make my outfit because homemade ones are the best! Asheton, an employee here at McAuley's, is going to be a disco fever girl. She ordered a vintage velvet one piece with a sequined top along with a crazy huge wig and giagantic gold hoops. She had a great idea of painting "Play that funky music White Boy" on the back with gold paint with "White Boy" written across her butt. I painted it this past weekend and here is a sneak preview of it:


Make sure to check back and see the full effect when Asheton is all dressed up.

Last year I needed a last minute costume and did a simple Whoville outfit by putting on a onesie sleep piece, and covering a tall cup up with my hair and tied it with a bow. It was an easy, cheap costume that worked because while I was out I ended up finding Thing 1 and Thing 2!


Have you decided what you are going to be this year? Have pictures from previous years you want to share? We wanna see! Share them with us! E-mail them to

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  1. Oh, I like the disco queen idea, the 70's are kinda cool again. I never dress up for Halloween, even though it's the best opportunity all year. Maybe I should start...