Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fast Football Picks!

You have a while before the game starts tonight, so for everyone who didn't go to Auburn, stop in and grab some quick & cute cheapies! If your just going to a friends house, and don't want to spend much on something to make your outfit "spirited", we have a lot of great accessories you can snatch up! These are some of my favorites!


I LOVE this scarf, and its so easy to wear! You can take an average, solid top, throw this statement scarf around your neck, and your Clemson outfit is complete! This is such an easy and reasonable buy! Perfect for hot & cold weather!


I LOVE these clutches! They are so edgy & speak volumes when added to an outfit! Such a great match when paired with the chained scarf!


To wrap up this rocker-chic Clemson collection, this studded purse is AMAZING! It's a perfect add-on to any casual outfit!

The great thing about all of these accessories is that you can wear all of them during the off season too! The chain scarves are my absolute favorite! So funky and unique!

Happy Saturday shopping ladies! Go Tigers!

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