Thursday, September 3, 2009

Show Your Wild Side This Season!

As we all know, fashion is about change and never stops!! Who knows what determines which direction styles will go...but go they will. In the mid-nineties it was all about sleek lines and clean cuts-think Calvin Klein clad Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. In the past few years, fashion has been celebrity and label obsessed thanks to our burgeoning paparazzi culture. However, this season trends have really gotten back to the basics of FUN. Neon tights...yes please! Vivacious animal prints? I'll take some! Labels aren't nearly as important as the artfulness of the design. The shipments here at McAuley's have sure gotten heavier with all the studded and sequined pieces!!

So, while you're shopping this fall remember the golden rule of fashion:


Here are a few photos of some things at McAuley's that have got me flashing those pearly whites...

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