Wednesday, December 1, 2010

$100 For Every 100 Fans Until Christmas!

Who wants to win a $100 gift card?! Well, here are all the details...
  1. For every 100 new fans we receive on Facebook from now until Christmas, McAuley's will be giving out a $100 gift card.
  2. To enter, just click the "suggest to friends" link under our default picture on our page, select the friends you want to invite, then post on our wall letting us know how many suggestions you sent.
  3. For any number of invitations under 100, you will receive one entry, but for every 100 sent, you will get TEN entries! We're keeping track, so if you send 50 one day and 50 a few days later, you'll still get your 10 entries.
  4. Even if you don't win the first drawing, you will remain in the running with the same number of entries until the contest ends.
  5. Earn an extra TEN entries by posting the following as your status: "McAuley's Unique Boutique is giving away a $100 gift card for every 100 new fans they receive until Christmas & all you have to do to enter is suggest their page to your friends, then post the number of suggestions sent on their wall!" Just make sure to tag McAuley's in your status because that's how we'll know you did it (to tag, just type @ before McAuley's Unique Boutique and Facebook should automatically create a link to the page in your status).
  6. Good luck ladies!

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