Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Must-Haves for Starting School!


Oh the joys of starting back to school! However, there are a few perks to this joyous occasion....your one year closer to the end, the boys have gotten a little more mature, and you have a good reason to invest in some casual threads! One of our newest additions to McAuley's is our organic tee line Threads for Thought. There fabric is insanely soft; not to mention its Earth friendly as well:-) Their unique designs make them different from your ordinary tee! Whether its bows, pearls, stars, or ribbon detail, each style is a memorable one! These cute and funky numbers are perfect for class or lunch! Taking them into nighttime is simple as well! Throw a blazer, vest, cute cardigan, or leather jacket over your tee, pair it with skinnys and heels, and your ready to party! The cost of these trendy, earth-friendly tops are amazing, ranging from $39-$52! outside of class....these work for it all! You shouldn't have a hard time justifying these pretty little numbers to mom!

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When school shopping, jeans are a necessity! Who doesn't live in their denim!? I know I do! These three picks are perfect for all of your back-to-school needs! The cut-off denim shorts...a must-have! Jean shorts are perfect for class, paired with heels for going out, and football games! The denim capri...also perfect for all of the above! It doesn't matter if your dressing up or down, they will solve a lot of your fashion needs (not to mention, the wash and style is so in right now!). This lovely little item will take you far into fall! And the Provocateur jean by Joe's...oh what a wonderful life-saving style this is! Their "petite" cut is perfect for flats and low heels! Since designer denim runs very long, most of us have to get them chopped off a little...but not this style! The "petite" length is perfect for your average height girl...just saving the alterations step, making these jeans a perfect back-to-school choice!

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