Friday, August 6, 2010

domesticated diva

it is moving-in time for most college students around this time of year!
[[including me]]
i have had fun this past week moving in && here are a few pictures.

decorations on a coffee table
organic. going green. nature.

my new flower :)
i'm going to try and take up gardening this year. i hope it is a success. anyone know of any 'easy-to-grow' but pretty flowers? i may need to start off with something that doesn't take much maintenance!

wine design.
these wine bottles are my favorite because i'm the middle sister && i love the look && names.
forever cool. rebel red.

i have my own porch off of my room which i'm super excited about.
i need to add more color but this is just the beginning.

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  1. Nice home decor! Pansies are the easiest flower to plant now to enjoy some color for the winter!! It is always nice to see how they come more to life in the early spring, letting you know that warmer weather is on its way!