Saturday, June 5, 2010

The perfect wedding attendee pick!

Picking what to wear to a wedding can be a major headache! All kinds of things go into play: What time is the wedding? Where is the wedding? Were there specifications on the invitation? What is everyone else wearing? HEADACHE!! Well, I have picked out a perfect dresses that you are SURE to be safe with! All you have to do is accessorize this pretty pick a little differently to accommodate for the time and place! Your sure to get complements on this fashion statement without looking like that girl who wants to draw attention to herself (because remember, weddings are all about the bride, not you!). But with this piece, you can look pleasantly classy and sassy while still maintaining wedding attendee etiquette!

Any "type" wedding, any "time" wedding

The Zafira Dress by Trina Turk is a perfect wedding pick! With the lace overlay and belted waist, it presents a perfect and "safe" fit for a casual or more dressy wedding! (not to mention the color being navy, which is this summer's "new black")

How to wear it to a casual wedding:
Outdoor/beach wedding do gold sandals like the ones we have pictured. For an indoor wedding throw on some gold wedges with a higher heel. For both, accessorize with cute gold bangles (throw some coral in there, it looks great with navy). If your not a bracelet girl, do a really fun ring like our clustered pearl one! Throw in a gold clutch (or coral if you can find it) and your safe for any casual wedding thrown your way!

How to wear it to a night wedding:
If your going to a wedding after 6, just put on some saucy gold, nude, or tan heels, add a big ring (bling or costume), large gold earrings, and a gold clutch or chain strapped purse! You can even change out the belt with a cute gold skinny one!


  1. Now this is helpful, as I have a wedding to go to later this summer. Since I don't know a lot of the details yet, I need a dress this versatile!


  2. Great! That is good to know! Let me know if I can help!