Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Be a Beach Bound Beauty!

Ok, so I'm in the middle of packing for the beach (I leave Wednesday) and thought I would share with some of you beauty bloggers a few of my "newest fashion favs" that I have gotten from the store to take with me:-) The destination is Charleston and the reason is for fun (with the exception of a little work that will be done by my boyfriend who is in the exciting insurance business). This calls for the following clothing categories...fun and flashy, beachy and casual chic, and semi business-worthy for the insurance seminar & meeting I will be demanded to attend:-)

Here are some of my newest fashion fav's to keep me from being a beaching blunder!

First of all, I LOVE Joyous and Free! Their clothing is so comfy and they always do the best job of taking a more basic piece and twisting it into a unique style! This orange/coral shade I love, especially with a sun kissed skin tone! The matted gold detail along the bust is perfect for shoe matching! I am pairing this with my new brown and gold heels and wearing this out! You always seem to have so much more fun when you feel "fashion flirty"! One of my favorite things about the LuLu dress is that if our night looks like it is going to take a more "low-key route", I'll just throw on my gold flops; no stress at picking out a new dress...whew(you can do this with almost all of Joyous and Free's dresses)!

This is my plan for the seminar or the meeting I must attend. I just had to throw in a little pizzazz with the awesome flower zipper belt! The style and fit of this dress, by our junior line, is a more conservative and classy fit, but the shortness of it makes it a little more fun and trendy for my age! I have had this pair of Naughty Monkey heels since last summer and I LOVE them! If we have your size in them, you better snatch them up because they are a steal of a deal right now! (I also have a mustard belt & a coral one I would like to pair with this dress for a more fun occation that may roll around. I love pops of color with grey!)

This is one of my casual chic Charleston outfits; a mixture of relaxation and education with a splash of sophistication.Ben shorts by Trina Turk and my "Devil May Care" top by Nanette Lepore! With some gold flops and cute pearl and gold bangles, I'm ready for a day of fun in the downtown shops! I have put my "Devil May Care" top with skinny jeans and heels too! I rolled my skinnys up at the bottom (a cuff of only about an inch to 1 1/2 inches, don't get it too thick), and threw in a clutch and I felt very classy and trendy! My shorts I have also put with a black cotton tank and some black flops! So many options for both of these very neutral colored pieces! Mix and match away ladies! These two are fun!

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