Saturday, June 12, 2010

Learn to Love Your Jeans!

Sure, it's the height of summer, and the weather outside is getting HOT, but there's at least one thing you have in your closet that can be safely be worn all year long: jeans! Sexy, stylish, flirty, fun - whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, a cute pair of comfortable denims makes the perfect addition to any ensemble, because they're guaranteed to never go out of style! But how does one go about picking the perfect pair of jeans? Because, as we all know, not all jeans look great on every girl, and not all styles are attractive on every body type! Luckily, I've taken the time to compile a short list of jean style recommendations for common feminine figures - hopefully this will help you out when you're trying to decide if that pair of skinny jeans that looks so good on the rack will look just as good on you!

Women who are apple-shaped, like Catherine Zeta-Jones, can sometimes seem disproportionate because they have large chests offset by smaller waists and thighs. High-waisted jeans, specifically skinnies, look flattering on this body type because they create a waist and help to widen and emphasize your hips, making your figure appear more balanced and even. Jeans with oversized pockets and jeans that are faded at the hips, thighs, and seat are also a good bet for women with apple-shaped bodies.

Pear-shaped women like Beyoncé, who have wide hips, thighs, and buttocks that are usually offset by a smaller chest, tend to look best in low-rise and boot-cut jeans. These styles are very flattering on the waist, while the slightly flared pant legs add height and help to minimize excess curves. Dark wash jeans are also recommended for pear-shaped women since they create a slimming effect, while jeans with side pockets should be avoided because they tend to make your hips look even wider than they already are.

Petites into two categories: women with average frames who are under 5"4' and women between 5"4' and 5"9' who have very small frames. Those who fit into the first category look best in straight-leg jeans like the ones pictured here, but should avoid extreme flares and baggy carpenter-style pants. Jeans with cuffs are also a bad idea, since they tend to make your legs look even shorter than they already are. Women who fall into the second category, on the other hand, need to be concerned mostly about length - finding jeans that are actually long enough to fit their frames, as opposed to worrying about styles that will flatter their figures.

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