Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Fashion: Shredded Leggings!

Ripped, slashed, and torn: if celebrity style is any indication, the so-called "grunge look" is back with a vengeance - and it's returning in the form of shredded leggings! Everyone from Dakota Fanning to Lindsay Lohan is cashing in on this totally fierce fashion trend, which has been spotted all over Tinseltown of late. And, while I'm in no rush to run out and get a pair of barely-there leggings like Lady Gaga's, I'll admit that I'm completely taken with this edgy, retro, in-your-face fad! In fact, I'd been shopping around for some shredded leggings of my own for quite some time (and having no luck whatsoever!) when it occurred to me how easy it would be to just make some for myself. After all, how much creativity does one girl really need to rip a couple of holes in her tights? None at all, as I proved when I managed to successfully create my very own pair yesterday! Take a look at how they turned out and tell me what you think - dreadfully tacky or daringly different? - and check out the tips below if you're interested in creating your very own pair of custom-ripped pants!
How to Trash Your Tights
1.) Choose the leggings you want to customize. (Note: Stretchy ones are the best for cutting, but you run the risk of enlarging the holes when they're worn or washed.)
2.) Put the leggings on. It will be easier for you to make your cuts asymmetrical while you're wearing them - plus, you'll be able to see how they'll actually look on you as opposed to in your closet.
3.) Take some scissors (preferably fabric scissors with fairly sharp blades) and make as many cuts as you want, keeping the cuts fairly close together.
4.) Viola! You now have your very own pair of trendy shredded tights! Bet they'll go great with this Tabatha Blouse by Trina Turk or this edgy black-on-black Shine Off Shoulder Top by Michael Stars from McAuley's!

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