Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Time!!

Hey Hey Everybody!

As you ALL know, tomorrow is a very special day for families across the United States...THANKSGIVING!!! It is a time for reunions, rejoicing, and refreshments!! Obviously, the most important thing about this day is appreciating all we have been given. This being said, there is no rule that says you can't look good while doing it!!!

As any event that involves mothers and grandmothers, pictures are going to be taken! Family photos are guaranteed to last FOREVER. As long as the family grows, there will be older members bringing out these pics to show what "little Anna used to look like."

Since I'm warning you about this in advance, there is no reason to look like a scrub tomorrow!! At McAuley's we have numerous outfits that will fit perfectly into your holiday plans. Try a warm sweater dress or a turtleneck/vest combo for a comfy and photo-friendly look!

I'm including some possible choices, but remember there are TONS more on!!

With Thanks,

ps: I'm still in Brazil, so have some turkey for me please :)

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