Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I love Michael Stars!!

Hello McAuleys's girls!

I want to talk about my favorite line at McAuley's...Michael Stars!! I have been a huge fan for quite some time now and the clothes just keep getting better and better!! Some people may think that they won't be able to find anything at McAuley's to fit them, but that is SOOOO not true! And I speak from experience! I'm certainly not a size 2 and I probably never will be, but I always manage to find gorgeous items and the majority are by Michael Stars! Everything in this line is one size fits most and for once it actually does! One of my favorite new items is the Michael Stars Sparkle Cardigan. Personally I'm a fan of the Carbon color(dark silver) but we do have a gorgeous gold too! It's extremely versatile and can be worn over your favorite tops or wear it with a dress to keep warm. Seriously, how you wear this cardigan is limited only by your imagination! I'll be adding this to my closet today so there's gonna be one less in carbon!! I'll be pairing mine with my favorite tops, skinny jeans and rockin' boots! So come in or logon today to get yours plus check out all of the other great styles we have in stock!

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