Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Beauty of Belts!!

Hey Hey McAuley's Girls!!

So, upon getting dressed this morning I found myself bored. I had this really comfy black knit dress I wanted to wear, but I felt like it did NOTHING for my figure (a potato sack if you will). So there I stood, in front of a floor length mirror pondering this dilemma. When, BAM!! It came to me!! I should just put on a funky printed belt to add color AND shape to my look!! Problem solved!!! Seriously, there is no easier way to make an outfit stylish than to throw on some kind of crazy-printed, textured belt with a sold dress or top.

Recently, at McAuley's, we've gotten in some super cool pieces that can make this trend work for you. My personal favorite is the purple studded one :)

Hope ya'll enjoy!!!!


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