Monday, March 7, 2011

What we do is all for you!

While the design and decorations have recently changed at McAuley's, some things are staying put! We know change is always scary but we are still your local boutique providing the best clothes and trends for you to enjoy! We want to remind you that everything we do is just for you--that's what sets us aside from large companies and malls. Let us know what your thoughts are...we want to hear!

Ahh...I want it NOW!

I know it is so frustrating when something comes in and you love it, and then you miss out on it. No girl likes to hear, "Sorry your size is sold out!" But we rarely re-order our merchandise for a reason--not to frustrate you! The only time we usually will re-order merchandise is if it is something really basic or it is something that we sold a few to people online who don't live around here. We feel it is important because the whole point of shopping in a local boutique is to make sure you don't see someone else around town wearing your outfit! This is why we want to provide one-of-a-kind pieces for our customers. If you miss out on something and are dying to have it, we always try our best to help you out. But don't worry because we always have new shipments arriving and will make sure to find you something even better!

A little help please?
We are always excited to help you as fast as possible! While shopping our online store during normal business hours Monday-Friday, we have the live chat option available. This is a great way to get any questions you may have about the fabric, how a style fits, or whatever else you may need, fast and easy! It is much faster than commenting on our facebook photos (which we still love to hear from you on there!) or e-mailing us to ask a question. You get an answer right then and there from someone who is physically at the store and knows what the clothes are like, rather than a person working in a warehouse whose only seen the clothes either in a photograph or packaged in plastic wrap. We are also working on making the live chat option available on weekends!

We know you...
If you have shopped with us in the store, and we are familiar with your past purchases and how things tend to fit you, we can help you when you place a website order! We will suggest another size than you have ordered, if we think it would work best on you. This saves you the trouble of sending something back and waiting to get the other size shipped to you.

You always get the first pick...
Our local customers always get the best selection because it takes us at least a day after something arrives to get it up on the website. As soon as we receive a shipment, we always let you know through facebook & twitter (@shopmcauleys) so you can come in and get the first choice! We want you to have the convenience of ordering online, but if you do see something on facebook that has not been uploaded to our website, you can call us at 864-226-7773 or e-mail us at to place your order!

Oh so many ways...
We know shopping online doesn't always give you the best idea of how many different ways you can put an article of clothing to work, so we always like to go the extra mile to show you different ways of wearing it. Someone's idea can be totally different than ours, so we also love to see how you put your outfit together by sending us a picture that we can post to our "Happy Customers!" album on facebook. It is another great way to share your style to McAuley's customers.

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