Saturday, July 17, 2010

Studs & Sparkle Alert!

What's hot for now AND this upcoming fall season? Studs & sparkle! The glitz and glam did get put on the trend backburner for a few seasons, but it is hot & heavy again! It started making its comeback this past fall...and now....its taking over the fashion world for SUMMER AND WINTER! The red carpet has been overloaded with the studs and sparkle recently & the fashion runways for fall overflowed with loud, vibrant, and beautiful blinding pieces!

The great thing about this trend is that most pieces you buy now, you can take into fall and holiday as well! Getting 2 seasons out of one piece/trend is a very smart style choice (as far as budgeting goes)! McAuley's LOVES fashion statements made with loud and shiny pieces! The studs & sparkle has ALWAYS been our favorite, probably because it is the trend closest to our "personal" personalities:-). Check out a few of our pieces in the store that would be PERFECT picks! We will have this kind of stuff coming in all fall as well!

This amazing dress by French Connection is brand new! It is not on our website yet so if you love it, e-mail us and we will get you the info and sizing on it! This amazing double lined, linen dress, has the most beautiful beading and sequin detail EVER! The color is more close to an off white than a pure white, which makes it PERFECT for now...or the best holiday party dress ever!

This is another amazingly beautiful new dress from French Connection! It is also a cream color, not white as it appears. It has beautiful studs that cover it, front and back! The sequin detail at the neckline is stylish and unique, and the shorter length and more snug fit make it a fun and sexy piece! This is my personal pick for this New Year's Eve! (It reminds me so much of Kim Kardashian!) This one isn't on our site yet either, so if you love...let us know!

This strapless red corset dress, by Jovani, is perfect for a cocktail or formal occasion! The sparkle and lace detail makes it extremely unique and trendy...not to mention the red hot color that men seem to LOVE!

This Night Dress, by Nanette Lepore, is an employee fav! With the "two-piece" effect, this dress can be pulled off with pumps (and tights if in cooler weather) for a fun night out, or with strappy heels for a cocktail event! Throw a blue jean or leather jacket over this girl for a fun and casual night out with the girls!

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