Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Accessorize Your Style!

It's a proven fact that you can tell a lot about a girl just from the accessories she wears. Think about it - would Miley Cyrus be going out in public dressed in leather bracelets and metal studs if she didn't feel like she had to break away from her squeaky-clean Hannah Montana image and forge her own path? Probably not. And, while I don't recommend busting out a pair of garters anytime soon (à la Taylor Momsen, another celebrity riding shotgun on the anti-role model bandwagon with Miley), I have to admit that the two Hollywood teens have a point. Accessories can do so much more than just complement your outfit - they can make a statement, prove a point, and even hint at the personality of the person who's wearing them. So... what do you want your accessories to say about YOU?

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