Thursday, June 23, 2011

Packing for the Beach

Call me crazy, but I like to plan out each outfit, jewelry, shoes and all before I go to the beach to ensure that I have exactly what I need. This past week I started working on this process and taking pictures of my complete outfits.

For a night out:
I chose this lovely Ark & Co. cut out dress (that we no longer have in the store) for a dress to wear out one night because it is formal enough for the beach and the cutouts will keep me cool in the hot weather. We have several other cutout dresses in stock that would make a perfect dress for the beach! I paired it with our flat braided sandals because I'm not trying to dress it up too much with heels. I choose a simple black earring and studded leather wrap bracelet. Lastly, I choose a small black leather purse with a gold chain because I don't want something bulky...I won't need to bring too much out at night with me and definitely don't want a heavy purse rubbing my freshly suntanned shoulders!

For daytime adventures:
If you haven't gotten one of these Free People lace tanks, you are missing out!! Whichever color seamless tank you layer underneath changes the entire look and color of the tank! We still have one in the color you see here and several in the ivory color for only $36! I choose to keep the color of this tank its original color by layering a nude seamless skinny strap tank underneath with patchwork Free People shorts. On the right side, I have a loose see-through We The Free top in case it is a little breezy and I want more coverage to layer over the tank. I paired this with my gladiator sandals to give it a more bohemian look.

What are you packing for your summer vacations this year??

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