Thursday, July 28, 2011

Current Contest Standings!

Okay everybody, it's time to share the current contest standings & we won't be giving them out again until the contest is over!

1st Place: Sam Kelley (57 referrals)
2nd Place: Darlene Moore Wetzel (55 referrals)
3rd Place: Kayla O'Quinn & Amanda Pace Flowers are tied! (8 referrals)
4th Place: Tari White Mason (6 referrals)
5th Place: Nikki Vosburgh (4 referrals)
6th Place: Jessica Stanley Rogers & Justin Wilcox are tied! (3 referrals)

Just to make sure everybody understands how this works: The number one person to gain the most referrals will automatically win the $200 gift card. After that, from everyone who has referred at least TEN new fans, we will draw a winner for the $100, $75, and $50 gift cards. That's right guys... Only 10 referrals are needed to qualify you to win one of those three prizes, so there's still plenty of time for new contestants to enter!

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