Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Polish Those Nails!

I moved this past month and my new roommate keeps a large plastic container under our coffee table of all the finest colors in OPI, Essie, & other great nail polish lines. I was thrilled to see the collection of over 50 polishes, but what girl wouldn't be? I always enjoy winding down after a day at work with a dose of E! News to catch up on the latest fashions...and maybe a glass of wine :) What better time to do my nails and pamper myself too!

[my roommate lined up our OPI nail colors into a rainbow, and squealed with excitement...followed by a tweet-including the picture of course!]

Now, deciding what color to use.....
Deciding what color polish to wear can sometimes be difficult when there is so many to choose from but I always try to make sure my finger and toe nail polish colors complement each other. There is no "wrong" color to wear, but different shades standout for different seasons. If you have gotten your June issue of People Stylewatch, on page 94 they have sandals & toenail polishes that make great combinations for a standout look.
Here are a few easy ones to try out:
black flats + Nicole by OPI in Daffy Dill
teal sandals + Deborah Lippmann in Girls Just Want to Have Fun
burnt orange sandals + Dolce & Gabbana in Passione
gold sandals + Mary Kay Limited-Edition in Coral Stone
Stone colored flats + Essie in Fair Game

[Two nights ago I painted my nails with Essie in Tart Deco. It was originally a coral color but once I finished it with the clear coating it turned into a neon orange...either way, I love it! You can hardly see my toe nail color, but it's a beautiful cobalt blue color from Sally Hansen-sorry ladies, but this color is no longer sold!]

All this talk about nail polish makes me want to go add to my collection! On the top of my list is the OPI Katy Perry Collection in Black Shatter. I have heard great things about this polish because it is very easy nail art that you can do in minutes and transform your favorite shade. To use it, apply the shatter coat over your favorite shade of nail'll break up into a unique leopard-like pattern!

I encourage everyone to get together your nail polishes, Q-tips, cotton balls & nail polish remover and put together a kit to keep somewhere easily accessible. If you don't already have a large collection of nail polish, I suggest trying to get a few shades in each color category. Don't go for all pinks & reds, try a purple, blue, green, etc.

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