Sunday, June 21, 2009

In Store Photo Shoot

Our many customers living outside our local area who can't make it by the store probably can't even begin to imagine what our store looks like. Well, here's a little secret: it's way smaller than you think! Anderson is just a tiny town, and we're a little boutique trying to make it in the great big world of cyber space. That being the case, I thought it would be nice to share with you a few photos from a recent shoot that took place inside our store.

A little over a week ago, when plans for another location fell through at the last minute, Jake was forced to make due with the space available in the store -- during business hours! What I really expected to be a complete catastrophe actually resulted in some beautiful photos. And even if you have been in the store, it would be tough to notice that the pictures were taken there if you didn't already know! Obviously, it doesn't hurt that we were blessed with Judith & Midori, who are both beautiful and experienced models.

So, here they are:

Judith, wearing a sexy little red keyhole tuck dress by Nicole Miller. If you want this one, you better shop fast because we've only got one left, in a size 2. In case you're interested, this little couch is located in our shoe & tank room.

Here's Judith again in the same red dress, accompanied by Midori wearing a curve-hugging animal print tuck dress by Nicole Miller. This one was also seen on "Ugly Betty" last fall, worn by Betty's sister Hilda.

Ahh, another Nicole Miller. This Tahiti Silk Jersey Dress is our latest arrival from Nicole Miller.

Here they are in our "dressy room", where all of our formals and cocktail dresses are showcased in their own room with a sparkling silver brick wall. These are two of the latest arrivals from our junior line. Midori's yellow leopard printed dress is ideal for the more brazen beauty, unafraid of a little color and a safari-inspired print. Judith's bubble dress on the left is no a little shorter and no less sexy.

Last, but not least..... In this photo, Midori is wearing a gorgeous watercolor print maxi dress by Envi. This dress is definitely an employee favorite. Judith is wearing Free People's Gingham & Lace Dress in royal blue.

As always, we've got to give credit to our photographer, Jake Simpson. Check out more of his work on Myspace.

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