Saturday, March 3, 2012

My favorite dresses...

In case you missed it, we posted photos from last weekend's shoot with Jake Simpson on facebook yesterday!  The lovely model who won our contest is Emily Sapier, and we think she did an awesome job!

These are my personal favorites:
buy this one here
We currently only have one size 4 in stock, but we can make any size you'd like upon request!

buy this one here
We currently have a 4 and a 6 available in this one. Hopefully a 2 will be arriving next week, but let us know if you'd like another size & we can make it happen!

Thanks to the folks at Cateechee Golf Club for allowing us to have our shoot there, and to  Katie Cotton for driving all the way to Georgia to do her hair and makeup magic.  Really, Katie's the best... She even boarded the golf cart with hair spray in hand to do touch-ups on the spot.  

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