Wednesday, April 13, 2011

David Kahn is for EVERYONE!


We have carried David Kahn denim for quite some time now & it has always been a favorite from the older age group of customers (commonly said to be the jeans for "moms"). Well that is not the case now-there is a new designer! David Kahn has not only kept the "moms" happy, but is also making tops & denim great for a younger age group. The cuts and styles work great on any age group! Our recent shipment of Nikki bootcut jeans & white Skinnies have been a hit for all women! Siobhan and I saw the preview of their fall tops & denim at market a few weeks ago and are pleased to tell you...GET EXCITED! The tops are great quality at great prices. The denim is still the great quality as always & an even better fit! Here are a few pictures from market of some hot new items that you can expect to see here at McAuley's:

Awesome studded tanks!

Anyone as excited as I am about flares being back in!?!

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  1. We got these two tops in from David Kahn!!