Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A sneak peek of fall trends to come!

We just recently returned from apparel mart shopping for the most fabulous fall styles, and boy did we find tons! Guess what style we can be expecting to hit the runways in full force for fall 2009? Lots of sequin and fringe! Yep, I said it, the glitz and glam are making their comeback this year! The louder and flashier your attire, the more in you will be this fall. And fringe…really…fringe? Yep! Going flapper will make your outfit snappier in the eyes of the fashion police this year! Get ready, because the trends are hitting the stores soon, represented by the top name brands you love!

We shopped…and shopped…and shopped to find these 2 trademark trends represented in the cutest, most stylish, and most fun ways! As for denim, the more distressed your jeans are, the more in style your legs will be! So get used to buying jeans with holes for a while, because that denim do is here to stay for a while! No worries, McAuley’s will keep you pointed in the right direction every time as the trends change with the seasons! We have done our research to make sure that these were definitely not trend don’ts, because we will never let you go astray with the wrong styles on your body!

We also have a few surprises coming up this summer with a couple new lines we picked up last weekend. You will LOVE our choices, and they have been customer requests for a while! Keep a lookout for the launch of our new mystery lines coming soon!

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