Sunday, April 26, 2009

David Kahn - one of our favorite denim lines!

It wasn't until starting our online store that we became aware how wildly popular David Kahn jeans are throughout the country! It didn't take long for David Kahn to become our most popular line on the website, and it's no wonder why. David Kahn uses the finest Japanese denim, has a wide array of beautiful washes, and has a flattering fit for every body type. We know there are plenty of women out there who would love to wear premium denim, but aren't interested in looking like they're wearing their daughter's jeans. You know, that super low rise worn by teens and twenty-somethings just isn't all that flattering to most of us. However, David Kahn does have a "super low rise" style, which just goes to show how versatile the line is - he really does have something for everyone! Here are just a few examples of some of the David Kahn styles available right now on our website.

Alexis Super Low Rise

Heidi Butt Lifter in Venice
Paris Low Rise

Not only does David Kahn have a great fit, fabulous washes, and incomparable quality, but there are also a lot of celebrities that are fans of David Kahn jeans.

David Kahn with Debra messing
David Kahn with Geena Davis

David Kahn with Jamie Pressley
David Kahn with Nicolette Sheridan

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