Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Perfect Fall Manicure

Our manicure choices can often reveal a lot about our fashion styles and personalities. What better way to spruce up your look this season than with some fun nail color?!

We all know that red is a huge color in fall fashion this year! Well, red is also among the list of shades to make the nail polish trend as well. It's a timeless choice that is versatile with almost any look!

Metallic nail colors have officially been revived from the 80's!! These shades bring out the best of both worlds: they bring out the sparkle from your favorite jewelry, yet they give you some extra bling in your outfit without having to pile on the accessories! If you're a little hesitant about going the metallic route, just opt for a lighter hue! You won't be disappointed!

Greige is also another popular choice among nail colors these days. The shade is a perfect mix of grey and beige and can be seen in blends of taupe, brown, grey, and even purple! These colors work well with virtually every outfit during the day, while transitioning perfectly into night. Greige is super easy to wear and looks great against any skin tone!

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