Sunday, March 8, 2009

McAuley's Spring Break Essentials

I know many of you are looking forward to that long awaited break from the days of 8am classes and all-night cram sessions, so I thought you might appreciate a reminder of things you may not have remembered you needed for your trip. If nothing else, it might help brighten your Monday morning and give you a reason to get through this week of classes without skipping. Of course, whether you're about to head off for spring break, or your school days are far behind you, these essentials will get you through the warmer months looking and feeling great!

#1 Dance in Paris Tanks : It seems like seamless tanks are suddenly popping up everywhere, though we've had them for years. Our favorites are the ones by Dance in Paris, and why shouldn't they be? With so many shades of pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow, there's really no worry that you don't have a tank to go with everything. We're always finding out about new colors, so our stock is constantly expanding. Also, Dance in Paris makes their tanks longer than many of their competitors, so you don't have to worry about your tank riding up to become a belly shirt. And a Dance in Paris tank can last a long time. Those of us who are a little more self conscious about our bodies like to wear our tanks under just about everything all year long to smooth our little lumps and bumps. Sure, they don't do quite the same job as a Yummie Tummie, but they're comfy and cooler than anything that's actually intended to slim you.

Dance in Paris seamless tanks

#2 Casual Dresses: If you're going out of town, you'll need something in your suitcase that's easy and wrinkle free. Don't bother packing an iron, just pack some of these and hang them on the door while you're in the shower. The steam will smooth the wrinkles out without any work on your part. Or, if you pack in a hurry and end up with more stubborn wrinkles, a little bit of Downy Wrinkle Releaser works wonders.

Seen below, the Envi belted tunnel dress, Michael Stars Empire Strapless dress in canary, and the Sky Swon Crochet dress. The Michael Stars dress is also available in pink! Try wearing it alone with flip flops for a more relaxed look.

Day Dresses at McAuley's

You know we love maxi dresses for spring, so here we've featured the Gabrielle dress by Sweeetees, as well as an Envi style in a beautiful blue print. In the middle is one of our latest arrivals from our junior line - a brown printed bubble dress.

Casual dresses at McAuley's

#3 White Denim: Maybe it's not for everyone, but if you've got the confidence you can pull it off. White denim is going to be hot this spring and summer, and this Citizens of Humanity Hutton High Rise jean has a flattering silhouette that can make white work for you! And guess what? We've only had them for a week, so we still have a great selection of sizes!

Citizens of Humanity Hutton High Rise

#4 Michael Stars Tops: With a new shipment of Michael Stars in the past week, we're showcasing the widest possible assortment of colors and styles! Shades like peony, sultana, and inca remind us of a beach sunset, which only makes us more jealous of you girls getting ready for your spring getaways! The best part is that we've already got them all up on the website!

Michael Stars at McAuley's Unique Boutique

#5 Fashion Tape: Necklines are starting to plunge, and clothes are getting more revealing. Like it or not, it's just one of those things that comes along with warmer weather. This being the case, I thought I should remind you about a fabulous product we started carrying during the fall - Pure Style Girlfriends Stay Put Double Sided Fashion Tape. We still love Hollywood Fashion Tape for things like closing that cap between the buttons of your favorite blouse, but sometimes you need something a little stronger. When it comes to attaching your clothing to your skin, you need Pure Style Girlfriends. It'll keep your top where it belongs to keep you from one of those embarrassing moments no one wants. For low, drapey backs on tops and dreses, it can even keep you from the possibility of someone seeing too much of your backside! Visit our store or website for additional products from Pure Styles Girlfriends.
Double Sided Fashion Tape
That's all for now... There are so many more, like sunglasses, a brightly colored bag that holds everything, a great cocktail dress if you're going on a cruise, but you get the idea. Just remember - Spring Break should NOT be a break from looking fabulous! :)

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