Friday, February 27, 2009

Fashion and the Recession: How are you going to shop?

There was a lot of talk during the weeks leading up to NY Fashion Week about how the fashion industry was going to respond to the current economic crisis. The concensus was that designers would go one of two ways, either offering extreme, over-the-top, almost escapist designs (in hopes, I suppose, that the "unique factor" would compel shoppers to part with their hard-earned money) OR getting back to basics and encouraging consumers to shop for quality. I think the overwhelming majority of designers at Fashion Week took the second approach. We saw a lot of black, a lot of solids in general, and plenty of mix-and-match separates.

(Of course, come hell or high water, there's always going to be Betsey Johnson, and if you like that pop art, kitschy kind of stuff . . . then we'll just go ahead and confess that we like it too . . . and that you can buy it in our store. )

But the REAL lesson we should take away from NY Fashion Week is to shop for quality. Buy good pieces that wear well and that you'll be able to pull out seasons after season and still look great. And you don't have to wait until these fall/winter designs hit the stores. There are lots of good quality basics available right now, so you can invest wisely in your wardrobe for spring and summer. For a few suggestions from our store, check out these new arrivals:

While you're here, give us a little feedback. Let us know how you plan to save money on your wardrobe this season.


  1. I am now looking at what I have and pairing outfits by accessories. Literally, putting bracelets of a certain color around the tops of the hangers of pieces that correspond in outfits with that color. (I am too tired to mix and match this year. I want it done and over with.)

    I've invested in new shoes--several pair--and I am getting rid of old ones (even the cool old ones). I want to feel in control of the clothes I am wearing. For this reason, too, I am going to get rid of *as much* of my collected wardrobe as I can. The emotional energy it takes to be spontaneous needs to go elsewhere.

    Thanks for asking.

  2. I'm all about versatile pieces for saving money! Also, it's great living in a place like SC with the mild weather. I think 3/4s of my wardrobe is wearable all year round. Layering vests with shirts for spring/winter/fall or wearing the vests by themselves for summer is one of my favorite things to do. It's also great to have a good cardigan and cute jacket for those spring/fall days. Also, investing in a good winter coat and scarf is a must!

  3. Thanks so much for those comments, ladies. Nancy, what a great idea for organizing. I love it! And I'm am totally in favor of the annual "culling of the closet".

    Becca, you are so right about versatile pieces and layering. By the way, I love the vest only look for summer--very cool.